The Call Center Course

Call Center Course

When it comes to customer service at a call center, there are a lot of processes you need to keep in mind.

Etiquette in Customer Service by ND

The Call Center Course


  • What you’ll get from this course
  • The ins and outs of etiquette at the call center
  • Strategies and action plans on using proper etiquette to create happy phone conversations
  • General phone call etiquette to interact with customers
  • Understanding the customer and using the power of your voice
  • Tools and tricks on dealing with difficult phone calls with customers
  • The etiquette language of the “NO” word


  • The basics of this course

With more and more call centers being the center of customer service, your organization has an opportunity to rise above the competition by adopting a certain style of etiquette. This course will help your employees understand the importance of customer service etiquette and how to create a positive experience with customers.


  • The objectives of this course
  • Learn the important behaviors of conducting yourself over the phone
  • Understand the true importance of etiquette in the call center
  • How to pinpoint angry and happy customers through their voices
  • Etiquette of a phone call from holding to transferring calls
  • How to use the “NO” word
  • How to handle difficult customers over the phone using the power of your voice


The NDE Course Outline


Etiquette in telephone communication

With this course, customer service employees will adopt a more professional mindset when it comes to etiquette. They will gain the skills to conduct themselves properly over the phone and give customers a brighter and happier experience with your organization.


The factors that bring out positive communication

Using the power of the voice, participants will learn how to identify the good and bad of the conversation. Using etiquette to steer the conversation, customer service employees can guide the customer to a another level of satisfaction.


Conducting yourself over the phone

When it comes to customer service at a call center, there are a lot of processes you need to keep in mind. There are rules on how to put the call on hold, when to put the call on hold, and how to appropriately transfer the call. With etiquette at the forefront of your call center, verbal communication and connecting with callers will be easier.


The power of the “NO” word

Customer service representatives need to have the confidence to say no to customers who ask for the impossible. It’s okay to say no. Etiquette teaches the art of standing your ground in a professional and respectable manner.