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International Business

International Business One of the most important aspects of being a part of an international business is the opportunity to interact with colleague and partners from all corners of the world. This course will help you understand the rules of different culture in a business setting. Read More Etiquette in Business by ND The International

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Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication In this course, participants will start by self-assessing their skills and develop a plan on how to use etiquette for cross-culture business meetings. With tons of information at your disposal, this course adds new layers of communication and culture to a business setting. Read More Etiquette in Business by ND The Cross-Cultural Communication

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The Email Course

The Email Course This course will give participants a basic overview of what the email etiquette really is, how it can help a person’s professionalism and how to build better relationships with colleagues and clients. Emails are quite different then actual communications. This program will help people identify the importance of email etiquette and how

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